4 paws for Kameryn

*********Kameryn's Quest for a Dog***********


Hi, my name is Kameryn. My family and I have worked hard the last year to raise money so I  could get a receive a service dog from 4 Paws for Ability in Dayton Ohio. 

WE DID IT! We have raised enough money  and We are scheduled to pick up my new best friend in October  19 2010. Mom and I will be traveling and staying for 10 days of training. 

Thank you to everyone who donated and help make Kameryn's Quest come true.

Please check back often for updates from our trip, training and pictures of the dog.


***********************MEET NESTLE***********************


Hello! My name is Nestle and I am a member of the Chocolate Litter. Many of my siblings have been in earlier classes but I was working hard learning to be your partner and waiting patiently for my turn to go with my boy. WOW I like how that sounds. My Boy  My Boy  My Boy  YEAH! It is really going to happen! I am so excited you are coming soon to be with me and bring me home! Please say we will be best friends! I can play ball with you. I heard that in your video you liked to play ball and roll it to someone. I would love to play with you! I dreamed all my life of graduating and being a service dog for a wonderful boy and now it is really happening! This is just so cool. I do not think I will sleep at all the next week and when I do I know I will dream all about you! So hurry little buddy. Oh yes, I am a female Yellow Lab and my birthday is 9-9-2009.




AVON  Fundraiser - Shop online at youravon.com/ssprock and used coupon code FSANY and get free shipping the proceeds of the sale go to an account for Kameryn's Dog in case of vet emergencies.


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Thank you to the Ramsey Radiers 4H club for your volenteering and Donation. It was a big help. Thank you. 

In March a new TEXAS ROADHOUSE restaurant opened in Coeur D Alene Idaho. The new owners The Davis Family helped by holding a fundraiser day for Kameryn.  They were able to raise $3000 towards Kameryn's Dog. Thank you so much! 


Thank you to the Wishing Star Foundation of Spokane for helping Kameryn's Wish come true. Kameryn recently received a letter stating that the Wishing Star has paid 4 Paws 4 Ability the remaining balance need for his dog and we are now scheduled to pick up Kameryn's new friend on OCT 19 2010.


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